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At the End of the World, Keep Business Up and Running with Axcient

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axcient logo finalrgb1-300x59Whether you believe the end of the Mayan calendar predicts a cataclysmic world event on December 21, 2012 – or you simply know the odds that servers have a 30% chance of crashing each year – it’s imperative to be prepared and be able keep your IT systems up and your business running, no matter what.
In today’s always-on business world, legacy backup and disaster recovery just isn’t enough to keep businesses going. Alone, backup will not help companies avoid the fallout that occurs due to downtime, such as loss of productivity, reputation, and revenue.

To focus on business, rather than IT risks, small and mid-sized businesses need to be able to protect and access their stored information and systems from anywhere, at any time. It’s known as business continuity, and this feature is what makes the most difference when you’re looking for a way to reduce IT costs, complexity, and risk.
Backup and recovery methods that do not include effective business continuity are incomplete and problematic. For example:

1. Tape has a physical media failure rate of at least 40%, and recovery points can be days old (or more, if not taken off site regularly). Even if the data is recoverable, it can take days to fully restore. Due to the unreliability and high degree of manual intervention, the high cost of so-called “inexpensive” tape just isn’t worth it for today’s businesses.

2. Online backup is just a storage target, not a solution to keep your business going strong during downtime. It doesn’t answer the problem of getting your applications and systems back up and running right away.

3. Multiple point solutions, or the “Build Your Own” concept, will end up being expensive and time consuming when you consider the soft costs of error-prone configurations and more complex management. Read more in the blog, Do-it-Yourself is for Bathrooms, not for Business Continuity.

Stop by and see Axcient at IT Nation, booth #204 to learn more about how our unified cloud solution delivers the peace of mind and continuity you and your customers need. And don’t miss my business-strategy focused breakout session on Friday, November 9th at 2:15 pm – Epic Business Lessons Learned from Disaster Movies: 5 actionable strategies that will transform your business productivity and bottom line.

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Justin Moore

CEO, Axcient
Justin Moore is a multi-time entrepreneur and recognized authority on cloud computing, SMB market strategy and entrepreneurship. Justin started his first company in childhood with a lemonade stand and has been building companies ever since. As the CEO and Founder of Axcient, Justin leads the transformation of the data backup and business continuity industry to end data loss and IT downtime for businesses. Prior to Axcient, Justin founded MK Global, which provided an innovative approach to addressing the surplus of secondary market telecommunications equipment following the dot-com collapse. At MK Global he secured exclusive rights to more than $1B in infrastructure from a major Telecom provider and led the company to profitability with Qwest and Level 3 Communications as key customers. Before MK Global, Justin founded CollegeJobs.com, a company dedicated to providing a single, simple-to-use source for student job searching. Justin actively participates in the advisory boards and councils of private and public companies, is a popular keynote speaker, is frequently quoted or published in leading business media and is an award-winning mentor to young entrepreneurs.

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